Parent Corner

The Discover Ministry hopes to help you navigate all the changes that your child is going through as they transition into a preteen. The world they are growing up in is changing fast and many times adults can feel left behind.

Parent Cue: This resource will be downloadable from this page and will also be available in the green folder on the desk closest to the door in the Discover room if you would like a hard copy.  It will be labeled “Parent Resources.”  The Parent Cue delivers information and ideas for how to connect with your child spiritually during the Sunday Morning series. If you are needing extra resources and encouragement, head over to the Parent Cue blog(



Devotionals: We have a year long devotional for every student in Discover Ministry. Spending time daily with God can seem overwhelming at their age and devotionals are a great way for this age group to start. We encourage you to get the same one and talk about it on the way to school, at dinner or before bed.

Get Involved!

Wednesday Nights

⦁ Students sometimes get bored with the regular snacks of chips, fruit and cookies that we provide. Sign-up to bring a fun snack!
⦁ Join us one night to take pictures. Leaders spend most of their time interacting with the students and don’t always remember to take pictures as we go.

Sunday Mornings

⦁ Become a Sunday morning substitute. Substitutes are needed once or twice every 6 months to fill in when our teachers can’t. The teaching portions are video led and the small groups come with questions. It isn’t too scary at all!

Special Events

⦁ Help sign students in to our events when they arrive.
⦁ Be an extra person in the room. Sometimes all we need is a little crowd control!