Some Aspects of God are too awesome to comprehend. For many students, the Holy Spirit is one of those aspects. In this 6-week series, we will help students understand who the Holy Spirit is and what His presence in their life signifies. More importantly, the series will help students see how the Spirit impacts their lives.

Week 1 – Who is the Holy Spirit
Jesus’ saving work on the cross not only means that we’ll be with God one day in heaven, but that for those who, by faith, have accepted Jesus’ gift of salvation, we are guaranteed God’s presence in our lives today through the gift of the Holy Spirit.

As you go through this week with your student(s), look for instances to create some dialogue based on the theme of this lesson. Consider discussing the following questions or concepts:
Ask: When I say the word, Holy Spirit, what comes to mind?
Read: Read Deuteronomy 6:4-5 & John 14:15-17
Ask: How can Deuteronomy say that God is one? What’s your understanding of this?
Ask: How does this truth about God sit with you? Is it something you struggle to understand?
Think about the last few weeks. If you could go back and remind yourself all day for the last few weeks that God is super close by you, that you are without a doubt HIS forever, how would that have changed the way you approached each day?

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