Are you feeling hopeless without a decent paying job? Jobs for Life offers you the chance to escape chronic unemployment and feelings of hopelessness. Through Jobs for Life you can develop interview skills. The application process is simple:

  • Application: Applicant fills out and submits an application.
  • Attendance: Program lasts for 8 weeks.

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How It Works

Jobs for Life is a global nonprofit organization that engages and equips local churches to address the impact of joblessness through the dignity of work. JfL training is a 16 session, 8 week course that teaches Biblical truths, develops character and fosters a supportive community that will equip students for work and life.

Course topics include both character traits (attitude, respect for authority, taking responsibility, perseverance, and integrity) as well as skills (vocational planning, job search techniques, resume building, interviewing skills, effective communication, and customer and employee satisfaction).

Students must attend class, be on time, dress appropriately, complete all homework assignments and embody the principles of Jobs for Life Training. Students cannot miss more than three classes, and missed work assignments must be completed.

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Curriculum & Schedule

The Jobs for Life curriculum is an engaging 8 week journey that can help anyone find, keep and excel at a job. It combines work-readiness training and biblical principles under the guidance of dedicated Christian mentors. Classes meet on Mondays and Thursdays from 6pm-8pm.

Week One

  • Welcome, Let’s Get Started
  • Why should I take This Journey?

Week Two

  • What Do I Bring to the Journey and What do I Still Need?
  • Who is Driving?

Week Three

  • How Do I Plan My Journey? (Vocational Planning)
  • How Do I Find My Destination? (Job Search)

Week Four

  • What Can I Expect When I Reach My Destination? (Workplace Culture)
  • What Are the Physical Roadblocks Along the Journey?

Week Five

  • What Are the Emotional Roadblocks along the Journey?
  • What Do I Need On the Journey? (Part 1)

Week Six

  • What Do I Need On the Journey? (Part 2)
  • How Do I Ask for Directions? (Interview Practice)

Week Seven

  • How Do I Know I Am Going in the Right Direction?
  • What Happens If I Make the Wrong Turn?

Week Eight

  • How Do I Stay On the Journey at Work?
  • How Do I Stay On the Journey at Work? (Part 2)
  • Graduation Night


Scott Warren

Email : swarren@sumc.co




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