Schedule: 2016- 2017


Children’s Division

  • Infant – 3 Years of Age Room 140


Children’s Division

  • Crib (Infant) Room 129
  • 18 Months – Age 2 Room 140
  • Age 2 Room 142
  • Age 3 Room 131
  • Age 4 Room 103
  • Pre-K Room 105
  • Kindergarten Room 107

Elementary Division

  • Grade 1 – Room 120
  • Grade 2 – Room 118
  • Grade 3- Room 109
  • Grade 4 – Room 116
  • 5th & 6th Grade – (Discover Ministry) Room 127


Children’s Division

  • Crib (Infant) Room 129
  • 18 Months – Age 2 Room 140
  • Age 3 – Room 131
  • Pre- K & Kindergarten – Godly Play Room 109

Elementary Division

  • Pre- K – 4th Grade  (Kids Worship) Room 112


kids-godly-play Godly Play

11:00 am Room 109 The “Godly Play” is story telling and a worship experience in one. This is done by using wooden and paper figures and a “stage” to tell Biblical text in a simple way. With kids focusing on the simpler materials, this allows for the Holy Spirit to act in kids imaginations. For more information visit Godly Play.

kids-3rd-graders Tru- David C. Cook

9:40 am- ages 2 years old-4 grade (classes divided by age groups) Tru is a dynamic, spiritually forming, and family-empowering ministry.  Tru is uniquely created to inspire,equip, and support ministry to children. 7 pillars of Tru Philosophy

  1. Family is primary
  2. Spiritual Formation
  3. Holy Spirit is the Teacher
  4. Authority of Scripture
  5. The Big Story
  6. God- Centered
  7. Ministry Support

For more information visit

kids-jesus-story-bibleJesus Storybook Bible

11:00 am ages 3 & 4  meet in classroom setting in room 131. The Jesus Storybook Bible paints a beautiful portrait of Jesus and invites children to see that he is not only at the center of God’s great story of redemption—he is at the center of their story too.For more information visit Jesus Story Bible

kids-worshipKids Worship

11:00 am Kids Worship Experience grade 1-4 (meet in Kids Worship Space)  are lessons consisting of suggested song sets, scripture memory, drama, Bible lesson, Bible story, and scripted discussion points for each week. It’s a curriculum that’s sure to get your kids excited about worship!

kids-discovery -roomDiscover Ministry for 5th & 6th Graders

The Discover Ministry is a ministry for 5th & 6th graders to DISCOVER their unique shape in God’s world. Our vision is to have the kids enter the marvelous arena of self-discovery as they explore their interests and abilities and begin to see how God has created them for life and ministry. The Discover class meets Sunday mornings at 9:40 & 11:00 in the Discover room 127.