As Donald Trump becomes our nation’s 45th President today, I ask that you join me in praying for his behalf and all those who will serve in his administration as well as all members in Congress. With no intentions of casting dispersion on anyone, I pray for a sense of civility to return to our government as well as our culture. Can we agree that people of good faith can have similar values and yet, very different views on how to achieve them in various arenas? This is certainly true in the matter of politics. Can we be such a democracy which can enter into debate, hold to ideals respectively and compromise where necessary for the greater good?

It is my pleasure to announce that David Freeman will be joining our staff as Director of Facilities. David’s first day will be this Monday, January 23. He will be on site directing maintenance, set-ups, and optimizing the campus for ministry. David is no stranger to many at Schweitzer as he and his family have been active disciples/members of our congregation for several years now. Your prayers and support as we transition under David’s leadership is appreciated.

All Schweitzer parents under the age of 40 are invited to come to Billiards on Feb. 3, 7:30-10:30 p.m., to hang out and play pool. Food and drinks are on you, but babysitters (safe-sanctuary certified) will be provided and sent to your homes. Email Alyssa at by January 23 to sign up and for more information.

Do you enjoy driving a golf cart? Do you like to talk to people? We have started a new Parking Lot ministry and are looking for golf cart drivers to patrol our parking lot so we are more visible AND available to those who would like a ride to a church entrance. Contact Erinn Johnson,

I look forward to another Sunday of worship at Schweitzer. Pray for me!

Bob Casady
Lead Pastor

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