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We are continuing The Struggle is Real this Sunday with the most challenging and delicate message in the series–secrets.  The biblical story we’ll recount from 2 Samuel 13: 1-22 illustrates the devastating effects that keeping a lid on dirty secrets has in our personal lives and in the larger human family. We’ll point to how different responses can lead to more wholesome and healing outcomes. God surely agonizes over how we can enable unsavory behavior by keeping a lid of secrets or simply looking the other way. God invites us all to more responsible actions and to his healing light.

Middle School Winter Retreat
February 9-11

All 7 & 8th grade students are encouraged to attend this retreat experience at Discovery Ministries in Eminence, MO as an important component to their faith walk. Cost is $40 per student and covers all meals, lodging, and activities for the weekend. For more information and to register your student, contact Tim Smith,, or Jayne Markin, Registration ends Monday, Jan. 29.

Have you considered giving to Schweitzer directly from your IRA? 

Did you know, if you are required to take an annual distribution from your IRA, you can make a donation directly to Schweitzer from your IRA? This strategy can minimize your tax liability and make the most of your gift. By donating to Schweitzer from your IRA, you can satisfy your required minimum distribution without reporting this amount as income. If you no longer itemize, this allows you the tax benefits of a charitable contribution without having to itemize your deductions.  The funds must come directly from your IRA custodian to Schweitzer.  It is best to consult your tax advisor to determine if this approach will benefit you. If you have questions, contact Mary Decker at

A MESSAGE SERIES SUNDAYS DURING THE SEASON OF LENT (FEB. 18–MAR. 25): The series will explore six stages of faith: Recognition of God, Life of Discipleship, Productive Life, Journey Inward, Journey Outward, and Life of Love, and what to do when we hit the wall.

A CLASS LED BY PASTOR BOB CASADY provides ways of identifying where we are on the journey of faith and offers tried and true methods on what to do when we get stuck in going deeper in faith—Sundays, Feb. 18–Mar. 25, 5:00–6:30 p.m., and Wednesdays, Feb. 21–Mar. 28, 6:30–8:00 p.m. All class sessions meet in Memorial Hall. Childcare is provided.

I look forward to seeing you in worship this Sunday!

Bob Casady
Lead Pastor

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