As we look forward to the coming year, you are asked to make a 2018 Giving Commitment to Schweitzer. We are setting aside Sunday, November 19, as a special day for all in our Schweitzer family to bring their giving commitment card to worship with them. Would you make a special effort to be in worship on November 19 and be part of this? If you are unable to be present, we would appreciate you returning your commitment card during the next few weeks. Be part of this!
Got a few minutes? To learn more information about what your financial gifts are producing through Schweitzer, I invite you to go to You may also make your giving commitment online at this link.

When you’ve found Schweitzer is the place where you can live out your discipleship, come participate in our membership class. This one-session class will let you explore more deeply our core beliefs, values, and membership covenant. Take the next step and join us in Memorial Hall, noon-1:30, November 19. Food and childcare is provided. Contact Erinn Johnson,, for more information or to sign up.

We are serving about 200 adults and children in our food pantry every month. Please pick up a bag and list as you leave the sanctuary this Sunday and help us fill our pantry shelves by bringing the items (listed below) back with you the next Sunday, November 19. Money donations are also appreciated. Thank you for your support!
Canned Fruit (15 oz) • Canned Vegetables • Cereal • Oatmeal • Jell-O
Peanut Butter (16 oz) • Jelly (16 oz) • Spaghetti Sauce (small) Spaghettios • Canned Ravioli • Hamburger/Tuna Helper • Saltine Crackers • Corn Muffin mix • Canned Red, Kidney or Pinto Beans • Pork ‘n Beans • Tuna • Canned Meat • Canned Chicken • Cooking Oil • Liquid Dish Soap • Toilet Paper • Toothbrush • Toothpaste • Shampoo (Average Sizes are preferable)

Mass Shootings
I find it necessary to reflect a bit with you about the horrendous mass shooting events gripping our country. Recent incidents on the streets of NYC, in a rural Texas church, a country western show in Vegas and a night club in Florida remind us of the unpredictability of where this may occur. Multiple factors are at play in what is occurring: Mental illness, the influence of ISIS , gun screening issues, the increase of rage in our culture and demoniac influences are contributing factors in varying degrees in these episodic events.
Some people are drawn closer to God through such times while others wonder “Why, O Lord, do you stand far off? Why do you hide yourself in times of trouble?” I offer you a few bullet point ideas for coping:
1) READ ALOUD PSALM 10, allowing this ancient prayer to help you connect to God in expressing your own thoughts.
2) GO ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS WITH ALERTNESS. In addition to the presence of a police officer on Sundays, we are broadening our sense of awareness with the help of a SMART (Securely Monitoring, Aware & Response Team) Team creating greater alertness on Sundays.
3) DO NOT DWELL ON THE NEWS CONTINUOUSLY. God has not wired us in such a way to focus on crises events throughout the day. Be informed of what is occurring but a continuous diet of it will produce either a numbing effect or deep anxiety.
4) DO NOT BE A CONTRIBUTOR TO THE TOXICITY OF OUR CULTURE AND POLITICS. Look beyond the political party label you or others may wear and consider the effect legislation, words, and actions have to play in reducing our propensity to violence in all its forms or adding to the incivility.
5) PRAY. Pray for any specific direction God may be giving you. Pray for your friends and your enemies (political and otherwise). Join me and many others in praying for a great awakening in this country.

Thank you for reading and thank you for living your faith each day!

Bob Casady
Lead Pastor

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