Dear Friends,

There are several updates I wish to give you on this beautiful day in the Ozarks.


SMART Ministry
(Safely Monitoring, Aware & Response Team)

Do you have a servant’s heart to help maintain a safe and secure environment? Join the all new SMART ministry! Serve ONE Sunday morning per month. Contact Erinn Johnson at for more information.

Staff Transitions

As Mark McKnelly, our Director of Outreach, is taking on a new position with Victory Mission December 1, David Freeman is moving from his position as Facilities Director to Director of Outreach. We are now receiving applications for a new Director of Facilities.

Deborah Chapman as coordinator for Church @ the Center has done great work in organizing and connecting people in the recovery community to vital ministries we offer. Deborah is ending her employment with us this week. Dianne Joy is also transitioning out of her role with the Food Pantry and Coach House November 30. Dianne has been superb in keeping the focus on mission with our food pantry and has been very beneficial in overseeing the Coach House. As these two part-time positions are vacant, we are combining the two into the new full-time role: Coordinator for Community Outreach. The coordinator will lead Church @ the Center, and give leadership to the Food Pantry, Coach House, and the Life Change Plan. Affinity with people in recovery/restoration and having an entrepreneur personality who is engaging and meets people well are essential qualities this person must possess.

We have a great interim team leading our Kids Ministry led by Angela Smith, Krista Rosenbaum, and Nina Verbanaz. These women will continue to serve on our current team as we are looking for a permanent Kids Director by June 1.

If you go to the on our website, you’ll see job descriptions for these positions. Please share our job postings with people in your circles who may be a good fit. Join me in prayers of thanksgiving for Mark, Deborah, and Dianne and prayers for those who will come and serve among us.

It’s a joy to be in ministry with you. See you Sunday in worship.

Bob Casady
Lead Pastor

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