Dear Friends,

One of our values at Schweitzer is learning. We never reach the place where there is not much more to learn, whether it is learning how to become more competent in our vocational skills, growing in our relationship with Jesus, or understanding how the culture around us is continually changing.

We experienced a wonderful day of learning as a church staff last Tuesday with Gallup’s Strengths Finder. Adam Mustoe, a pastor and Strengths Finder consultant, led 25 of us in identifying our strengths as individuals, and also to recognize how we can better relate to one another as leaders in Christ’s church. Pray for us as we take aim in uncovering our talents and utilizing them to the Glory of God!

In what ways are you learning to become more proficient in your vocation? How is God leading you to intentionally grow in your following Christ in every aspect of life? I encourage you today to embrace being a lifelong learner.

Cleaning Kits

Here is a way to encourage! Schweitzer’s Disaster Relief Team is calling for action in response to Hurricane’s Harvey and Irma. Three paths been established for us to contribute to relief: Cleaning Buckets (a full description follows), $, and people able to GO on a possible trip (no details yet). We will be collecting completed buckets and dollars this Sunday, October 1. Contact Larry Summers,, Disaster Relief leader, for more information.

Have you ever thought of just how we enter into faith? Is stepping into faith like walking through a door? We continue the Romans series this Sunday with the message “The Porch, the Door and the House” as we follow the movements of how all may enter into the assurance of God’s love and life. I hope to see you in worship this Sunday.

Bob Casady
Lead Pastor

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