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Looking To Sunday
“Give thanks to the Lord because He is good, because his faithful love endures forever.” – I Chronicles 16.34
Greetings Schweitzer. The word from 1 Chronicles has been a guiding light this week for the kids that have attended Vacation Bible School. It’s been a great week with 350 kids in attendance and hearing about God’s story lived out in the lives of others and how they are called into God’s story too.
Youth Mission Trip 2016
Youth Missions Trip 2016
Students from Schweitzer are heading to Memphis, TN, July 17 – 23, to work alongside families within urban developments, create relationships, and spread the love of God. Pray for the students and leaders as they worship, grow, serve, and tell in Memphis, TN. You can check social media and sumc.co for daily updates.
Sound Updates 7.15.2016
Sound Updates in the Sanctuary
Since the new speaker installation, we have been working to make the speakers work at the highest possible level. We expected there to be an adjustment period as we moved from a system that had been lived in for 30 years to our new configuration; there have been more bugs than originally anticipated. Each week we squash bugs, and we do our best to anticipate other things happening, but each week brings new bugs. We ask that you continue to be patient as we work towards perfecting this system. We are grateful for the feedback we have received about this matter. As we move forward, the more specific you can in giving feedback, the more helpful it is. Further thoughts or questions can be sent to KJ Roelke at kjroelke@sumc.co. KJ is the point person figuring this out.
Jobs For Life Logo
Jobs For Life – Business Partnerships
Jobs For Life is a transformational ministry in the lives of students who embrace the coaching and encouragement for workplace fitness. JfL can also be a transformative instrument for businesses who want to contribute to a flourishing community. JfL is a great place for business owners and leaders to share their wisdom and insight on essential traits of good employees, to hone ones own interviewing skills with interviewees who are motivated, to find employees who are a good fit for your team, and to contribute to your enterprise and the community, as you share and develop your heart for Christ. If you are interested in learning more about how your business can contribute and grain from JfL, contact Scott Warren at swarren@sumc.co.
James Series 1080p (temp)
Looking To Sunday
This Sunday we continue with our sermon series “James – Faith that Works.” As I have been studying the text I am amazed at how real and striking is the last verse of James 3 – “Those who make peace sow the seeds of justice by their peaceful acts.”
We look forward to celebrating what God is doing in the cosmos, the world, and in us. See you Sunday.

Jason Leininger
Executive Pastor

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