Events of the world and events of our own lives can bring us moments where goodness, truth, and beauty seem lost. In the language of the Lord of the Rings, the darkness grows. The Gospel of John presents another reality – the Light of Christ is inextinguishable. In the midst of our deepest sorrow, Christ provides light and life. And light is given to everyone. There are moments when we need the Light and the Life that Jesus brings. There are moments when we need to be witnesses, like John the Baptist – of the light. Communion is a time to remind us and the world that the light and bread of life is for everyone. Should communion be done outside the walls of the church? How about with your family? Or at your work place? Maybe we should share a candle with a friend who’s having a tough time, and remind them and us that the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness cannot overcome it.

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