Making The Father Known.

Read Luke 10:21-24.

God is a mystery. The Bible has numerous reminders about our limited understanding of God. (Job 21:22, Job 38:4-6, 12, Eccl. 8:17). The disciples had returned from a mission trip and reported their experiences. Jesus praised God for the disciples’ progress. They “got it” (this time). Can you see them doing high 5’s or a happy dance? We will never fully understand God, but Jesus says we can KNOW Him because Jesus reveals Him. Our main access to knowledge of God today is the Bible. Pray for understanding. Slow down to read verses one by one. Use resources that help you understand the text, like good commentaries. How does it make you feel when the mysteries of God come alive through Scripture? Most importantly, get to know God as Father – not just a mystery.

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