Life is full of mystery. Jesus being fully man and fully divine is a bit of a mystery that is hard to unpack. The story of Jesus’ birth has it’s points of mystery – how did the Shepherds know where to find Jesus? How did the wise man understand that the star they followed would lead them to an important king? The joy of opening presents is a mystery. Given all of life’s mystery, the one mystery God seeks to unpack is the mystery of Himself to us. God wants to be known, finds a way to be known, and is ecstatic when we know Him. He is always inviting us to know Him more. Knowledge of God isn’t like knowing facts or data. It’s the knowledge of husbands and wives, parents and children – a knowledge of love, confidence, mystery – and delightful surprise. We grow in knowledge when we read the Scriptures, when we worship, when we study the mysteries of the world, when we connect in community, and when we love the things God loves. God wants the world to know Him, so he sends Jesus for the world.

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