Great Is Our God.

Several were becoming believers in Ephesus, with Paul having initial success. God gave him the power to do miracles. Many people gave up their trust in magical practices. But opposition arose, spearheaded by Demetrius, the silversmith who had a business manufacturing silver shrines to the Greek goddess Artemis. When his livelihood was being threatened, he led an opposition which led to a major riot. The ultimate confrontation occurred before thousands at the Amphitheater with the mayor settling the dispute. Artemis was the goddess of fertility in which people trusted their religious and commercial life. She was the goddess of Ephesus. What is ours? Greed and financial security lie just beneath the surface of many hearts. As the people of Ephesus, a center of great wealth and culture, chanted “Great is Artemis of the Ephesians,” what is our heart’s rallying cry?

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