King Agrippa in Jerusalem The Political Arena

Acts 26

Memory Verse
Acts 26:22
But God has helped me to this very day; so I stand here and testify to small and great alike.

Questions for Group Discussion
Icebreaker: What’s something you consider worth dying for?

• Who exactly is King Agrippa, and why is Paul’s audience with him in Jerusalem a special moment in Paul’s ministry?
• What tone does Paul take during his testimony to Agrippa? How does Paul feel toward Agrippa and the other Jewish leaders present at this trial?
• What are the things Paul confesses to doing during his life as a Pharisee? Why does he share these deeds with this particular audience?
• How does Paul tie a lot of common ground with his accusers into his testimony, and why does he choose this approach?
• What is Paul’s ultimate goal by seeking out these trials rather than trying to avoid them?

Application: Paul is not concerned about his own safety in this dramatic defense; rather, his purpose is the proclamation of the Good News! Paul’s example should motivate all believers to examine what they are living for and what they are even willing to die for if necessary.

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