The Agora was the marketplace in every Greek-Roman town. Paul joined Aquila and Priscilla, to set up shop as tent-makers in the town square of Corinth, working for 18 months, establishing a foothold for the Christian Faith. Peering down over the Agora was the Areopagus, positioned on a high hill with the temple of a goddess, the religious center of prostitution. Paul worked hard in a town with the reputation that “no man could enter Corinth without becoming corrupted.” Paul also would connect with people like Lydia, a wealthy cloth merchant, in establishing the faith in Philippi and various other people of influence. How do we offer our businesses, occupations, homes, and everyday life as ways God’s Kingdom can flourish in our midst? What are we doing as spiritual entrepreneurs to launch new business enterprises which honor God and restore people to human dignity? What are the tent-making ventures to which we are called?

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