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How do you change the path your life is on.  I don’t understand how you just “live a life”?


We’re all living into a vision for our lives whether we articulate that vision or not.  Similarly, we’re all creating a legacy, and leaving one too.

To change your path, seek God’s wisdom and guidance.  Pray asking for leading and guiding in your life; be patient too.  Find friends or mentor that are wise, trustworthy and have life experience. Seek their guidance too.  In addition to prayer and guidance from God and others, act with intentionality regarding the path you desire to be on–where are you wanting to go?  Every day with every decision there are consequences.  Ask God to be with you everyday, in every decision.  Make a plan and be flexible.  Keep working your plan, revising it as needed.

Change can be difficult.  Accept this truth.  Also know God is with your and for you.  Live life each day with a vision, a plan.  Enjoy the moment and know God has a preferred future for you. Cooperate with the Holy Spirit in life, in decisions. God is in the life change business, live each day knowing God will change you from the inside out as you worship, serve and and grow with Him.

“To change your path, seek God’s wisdom and guidance.”

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