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What can you do to find “that which fills you?” What if you never really feel like you are being filled, just pushing through while empty?


Making no assumptions, I would suggest Prayer and reading Scripture as the first two things to try when searching for “that which fills you.”  I would talk to someone you trust who also has a mature faith walk and ask for them to pray for you (both in the moment and throughout the week).  Pray truth into your life.  Look for Scripture that relates to the part of life you’re walking through and see how it’s redeemed.  The Psalms are a fantastic resource for this!  David was a pretty moody dude, but he always looked to God and tried to praise Him through the trial of life.  Speak truth into your life.  A great verse for this is Exodus 14:14.  Another option, if prayers and Scriptures don’t seem like enough, is to listen to some worship tunes.  “Reason to Sing” by All Sons & Daughters, “Praise You in This Storm” by Casting Crowns, and “Let Me Feel You Shine” by David Crowder Band are all great tunes that speak into this sense of “I need something to help me, or I’m going to collapse” feeling.  Sing truth and honesty into your life.
A lot of finding that which fills me is knowing what is draining me and counteracting it.  As a worship leader and an introvert, I find myself in a very diplomatic position with a lot of interpersonal communication which can be really draining for me.  So during my Sabbath (which is Friday evening to Saturday morning) I either: a.) binge-watch some TV series on Netflix, b.) turn on my favorite productive playlist by Spotify and learn how to develop iOS apps, or c.) read a book for fun.  The key thing is that I get away and recharge.
If none of this seems to be working, fear not!  Richard Foster wrote an amazing book called “The Celebration of Discipline,” that gives a list of Christian disciplines and why they are important, and it’s a great place to start for ideas!  Go out into nature like St. Francis of Assisi and marvel at God’s creation, lock yourself away and lie prostrate before the Lord, find something to legitimately celebrate and go have a party, go work out or build something with your hands, or take a break!  Above all, be honest about how you’re doing to yourself, your trusted friends, and most importantly to God.  Trust Him to fulfill you, sustain you, and give you rest.
“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”— Matthew 11:28-30

KJ Roelke

Director of Modern Worship

“A lot of finding that which fills me is knowing what is draining me and counteracting it.”

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