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The Bible ends with a flourish through the Book of Revelation.

Written by John the Seer, a Christian leader and pastor of the late first century, Revelation is full of terror and triumph, doom and deliverance. Much of its imagery is disturbing to say the least. Addressed to seven churches in the Asia province (modern day Turkey), the book is written to encourage these early Christ followers to endure suffering. This prophesy also continues to provide pertinent words of encouragement for Christians to persevere today.

“This book in fact offers one of the clearest and sharpest visions of God’s ultimate purpose for the whole creation, and of the way in which the powerful forces of evil, at work in a thousand ways but not least in idolatrous and tyrannous political systems, can be and are being overthrown through the victory of Jesus the Messiah and the consequent costly victory of his followers. The world we live in today is no less complex and dangerous than the world of the late first century when this book was written, and we owe it to ourselves to get our heads and hearts around John’s glorious pictures as we attempt to be faithful witnesses to God’s love in a world of violence, hatred and suspicion. So here it is: Revelation for everyone!”

—N. T. Wright

Pray.Study.Grow Daily Readings

We begin our journey through the book of Revelation as a church Sunday, January 3. Our Pray.Study.Grow writings will guide you through the daily readings of Revelation through February 13. Revelation is not a book to skim through or skip around willy-nilly. You are encouraged to read through the daily exercises. As Eugene Peterson observes, “Revelation is not easy reading. Besides being a pastor, John is a poet, fond of metaphor and symbol, image and allusion, passionate in his desire to bring us into the presence of Jesus believing and adoring. But the demands he makes on our intelligence and imagination are well rewarded, for in keeping company with John, our worship of God will almost certainly deepen in urgency and joy.”

Sunday Messages

The Sunday Messages will correlate closely with the daily readings, covering the main thrusts of the book’s movements and message. While the messages aren’t designed to be therapeutic, they won’t focus on fear. Neither will they offer easy answers to the meaning of the text or attempt to decipher Revelation’s most intricate mysterious metaphors into current world events. These messages will pick up the book’s rhythms, wrestle with the serious reality of evil and cause us to rethink our priorities and allegiances. Most importantly, Revelation calls us to become participants in the worship of The Lamb who was slain. It is to the glory of the Lamb that we invite you to make this journey with us.

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