Cheryll Moll

Director of Music / Traditional Worship
Anative of Springfield, Cheryll has lived here all of her life graduating from Hillcrest High School and Missouri State University (SMSU) In August of 1984 Cheryll came to Schweitzer to play organ for worship services and accompany the choir. After retiring from teaching music in Springfield and Nixa Schools, she joined the staff full time as Director of Music and Traditional Worship. Cheryll is a widow with three grown sons, a daughter in law, and a very cute granddaughter. Cheryll’s desire for Schweitzer is that the church be a beacon in the community to lead members and those outside the faith to Jesus through dynamic worship and positive outreach.

What did you do during your childhood summers?

Summers when I was growing up were spent mostly outside riding bikes, playing ball, and hanging out with friends in the neighborhood. My parents, sister, and two brothers frequently went to the lake with other families and friends to swim and fish.

What is your favorite salty snack?

I love almost all salty and crunchy snacks; nuts, tortilla chips, and popcorn are part of my regular diet. I have had to purposely limit my consumption of popcorn because I will eat it daily even if I am not hungry.

What do you have an irrational fear of?

SPIDERS I have a very strong aversion to spiders, but I don’t think it is “irrational”! Spiders often bite me with the most severe bite being several years ago from a brown recluse. Fortunately after many visits to the doctor I was left with only a small scar.