Jim Mason

Associate Pastor Pastoral Care
Jim came to Schweitzer when he moved to Springfield in 1993. Friends in the new neighborhood invited him, Roxanne, Clay & Jeff to come and see Schweitzer—to try it out.

Jim hopes God uses him to connect others to the extraordinary life of following Jesus. Following Jesus is an adventure that includes fun, challenges and living with purpose. Jim hopes to lead others to take the next step of commitment to this life that transforms people and the world.

What is your favorite things about fall?

Football, watching the Cardinals in the Series, kayaking & being with Roxanne’s family making apple butter. It’s an experience.

What did you do during your childhood summers?

Played with friends in the neighborhood in St. Louis from sun-up to sundown and beyond. It was the best. We played ball, swam, ate ice cream and always topped each other’s stories—boys will be boys. Spending time with grandparents who were unconditional love.

What grown-up job did you want to have when you were a child?

A running back or D-back for the St. Louis football Cardinals. Do you see a sports theme here?

What would you like prayers for?

Family, health and an abiding relationship with Jesus.