Sermon Discussion Questions: 2-21-21

In Sermon Discussion by Schweitzer UMC

Message: Our Father in Heaven

Questions for Group Discussion:
1) When it comes to prayer, describe some emotions or internal thoughts that run around in your head? Do you feel encouraged, but way out your league in praying? 

2)  How does Jesus’ depiction of God as the Good Father inform how or the way in high you pray? What other pictures of God inform how you pray? 

3) Jesus says that access to God is open to all – both in preaching/teaching on prayer that can go to the four corners of the world and in using the plural – “Our” Father. How does this openness of God to all people speak to, or challenge the conversations we have today?

4) Prayer is corporate and intimate
Take a moment to share something you’re praying about with your group, Join together in prayer as a group and conclude with the saying the Lord’s Prayer: “Our Father…”

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