Faith & Finances

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Faith & Finances is a 12-week class that equips low and fixed income people and families with a biblical vision for how the comprehensive healing power of Jesus Christ can encompass their finances. The class teaches basic financial management skills, … Read More

The Gospel of Luke (Sermon Series)

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God has a way of comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable. Be forewarned: God’s Good News has a way of disturbing us. God is often a disrupter of our plans and our values for our own good. Through Luke’s stories, the … Read More

The Living Room

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We talk a lot here about the importance of being in Christian community. But for some, it’s hard to imagine why we care so much about it. The idea of sacrificing time, meeting in a stranger’s home, and “getting spiritual” … Read More

The Bible Made Simple

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Revolutionize your reading of the Bible with “The Bible Made Simple” an interactive class experience with fresh insights for Bible newbies as well as seasoned saints. Engage Scripture with new understanding and enthusiasm. January 16 – April 3at 6:30pm in … Read More

Be Part of This Message Series

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Every church is different. Congregations have their unique DNA. Schweitzer is known as a church of Community Impact, Caring Hearts, All-Generations,, Engaging Worship and Deeper Discipleship. We believe that God has placed in our hearts to pursue these five attributes … Read More