What is this study?

This fall, we are doing a church-wide study called Jesus is Greater - a field guide to the book of Colossians. We'll dive deeper into God's word as we learn together.

How can I be part of this?

Find a group of people, of two or more – friends, family, neighbors and follow along each week with the study. It's easy!

how do i get involved?

step 1: join a group

The best way to be part of this study is with a Life Group, a small group of people that you do life with! We have several open groups or you could even start a new one!

step 2: get the book*

A $10 donation is appreciated!

  • Pick up a copy

    Swing by the office and grab your copy from the front desk

  • Get It Mailed

    Give us a call us and we’ll have a copy mailed to you | 417-881-6800

written by a team from Schweitzer Church

step 3: Follow along

Beginning Sunday, September 13, our sermon series will also align with the weekly readings and discussion questions.

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