Deeper Discipleship

Jesus calls us to follow him. In Classes, Covenant Discipleship Groups, and Bands, we see our members engaging in deeper discipleship and close community


Schweitzer's mission is: "Transforming lives by making disciples of Jesus Christ." Discipleship can take on many forms, but simply put, it involves two things: 1) growing in our understanding of God and the Christian faith, and 2) growing in our relationship with God and His Church. At Schweitzer, we care deeply about helping people to do each of these things as they are both important means by which lives are transformed into the image of Christ.

In our discipleship model, you'll see Classes, Groups, Bands and Mentors. Classes take on the primary focus of helping people grow in their understanding of God and the Christian faith, and they usually take place in larger group settings. Groups, Bands, and Mentors are different kinds of relationships that are intentionally designed to help us grow into the people God has called us to be. The focus in these relationships is not information, but transformation, where we hold one another accountable to living out our faith to the fullest of our capabilities. Building this kind of "true Christian community," we believe, is both a need and a responsibility for every member of the body of Christ. See the descriptions below for greater detail about each of these options and how to get involved.


There are three types of classes we offer: Sunday Morning classes, Weekday classes, and Short-term classes. Each has different characteristics, but all of them are geared towards helping you grow deeper in your faith with fellow believers from all walks of life.

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Covenant Discipleship Groups are groups of roughly 5-8 people who meet regularly to hold one another accountable to spiritual practices. Members share openly about their walk with Christ, as well as speak words of encouragement, advice, affirmation, and sometimes hard truth into each other's lives -- always with grace and love. Some groups are a specific gender or stage of life, and others are a mix of everything. If you desire to grow deeper in your discipleship while helping others do the same, this is a great place to start.


Bands are groups of 3-5 people of the same gender who meet regularly to confess their sins to one another and pray for healing and transformation. (James 5.16) Bands are inherently more intimate than Covenant Discipleship Groups, and they require a greater readiness and willingness to be vulnerable on the part of each person involved. Yet because of this, they also have a greater power to transform lives. We believe these deep relationships are the "muscle" of our church as we seek to build communities of holy love.


Mentorship is a proven way to move forward in your walk with Christ. The mentor serves as a supporter and loving guide to the mentee. When the two get together, the focus is on the mentee’s growth. However, mentors report that the relationship is also a powerful growth experience for them. There is just something miraculous about two people meeting every week or two to focus on abundant life in Jesus. 

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