Title:  First Impressions Director

    Supervisor:  Associate Pastor

    Hourly/Salary:  Salary

    General Description:  Lead a team of servants to create a remarkable guest experience where guests feel welcomed, comfortable and valued. God trusts us to care for the guest. You are responsible for creating an environment that reflects this love to every person, every time. First Impressions ministries include greeters, ushers, hospitality, parking, security, data and connections teams


    • Is a devoted follower of Jesus Christ, committed to a Christ-centered lifestyle of continual spiritual growth
    • Aligns tasks and responsibilities in helping Schweitzer achieve its mission of Transforming lives by making disciples of Jesus Christ
    • Shows and earns respect as a leader; is able to work harmoniously with subordinates, peers and congregants
    • Demonstrates high energy and productivity
    • Possesses effective communication skills- oral, written, electronic and listening
    • Is a strategic thinker and uses time wisely
    • Able to identify, recruit, equip, and lead paid staff and servants to excel
    • Keeps and maintains confidentially
    • Leads boldly to make the right things happen
    • Seeks continual improvement in ministry
    • Safe sanctuary certified
    • Is or will become a membership at Schweitzer and fulfills the membership covenant of prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness

    ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND Responsibilities

    • Create a culture of remarkable hospitality by welcoming, inspiring informing and serving guests
    • Recruit, train and onboard new servants and leaders
    • Regularly meet with team leaders and other servants to cast vision, nurture, train and build relationships Meet regularly with the First Impressions Leadership team to formalize short and long term goals, measure results and reinforce values
    • Collaborate with staff and other leaders to anticipate the needs of guests
    • Serve as an event planner for church-wide events including membership and new guest experience
    • Collaborate with excellence with other ministry leaders on signage and facilities to guide guests and create a comfortable environment
    • Develop and implement a strategic plan to invite and encourage guests toward next steps for connection and spiritual growth
    • Communicate regularly with team leaders and servants
    • Plan an “over the top” annual event to celebrate volunteers


    • Strategic thinker that can oversee all aspects of guest experience
    • Experienced leader that can attract, develop and empower high-capacity leaders
    • A leader who will empower and encourage others to serve where they are passionate
    • Excellent communication skills both written and verbal
    • Ability to prioritize and focus on key objectives


    40-45 hours per week- Sunday through Thursday.  Occasional special events may require working on Friday

    Resumes may be sent to Mary Decker at