Sunday Mornings

Sunday morning Kids Ministry offers an array of engaging, faith-building experiences for our youngest generations here at Schweitzer. From loving arms in our nurseries, traditional Sunday School classes and hands-on Kids Worship services, we offer many different options that kids of all ages, abilities and interests will enjoy. Each lesson we teach shows our kids how God has been loving his people for thousands of years and how he still loves us today!

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Nurseries & Childcare

In our nurseries and childcare, our mission is to provide a convenient, safe, and loving environment for the children of those involved in the ministries and activities of Schweitzer.

Childcare is offered for babies and toddlers during all worship services and Sunday classes. Childcare is also provided on Wednesday evening wile parents are involved in ministries of the church.

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M.O.P.S. (Mothers of Preschoolers) exists to encourage, equip and develop every mother of preschoolers (birth to kindergarten) to realize her potential as a woman, mother and leader in the name of Jesus Christ.

MOMSnext is a community of moms with kids past the preschool years. It is a division of MOPS International but is meant to meet the needs of the mother of school-aged children.

When we meet: 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month September through May.
Where: Schweitzer UMC – Memorial Hall
Time: 9:00 – 11:30 a.m.
Cost: $110 per year or $55 for fall/$55 for spring. Covers breakfast, crafts, speakers, snacks, and childcare. (scholarships available)

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Grow to Know Preschool

At Grow to Know Preschool, we believe we are called by God to provide a rich, loving atmosphere in which children can learn and grow. Through our Christian example, children will learn about the love and acceptance of God. Children are each a unique creation. They should be able to express that uniqueness in a vast variety of play options. The social, emotional, physical, and spiritual growth of each child will be fostered by these learning experiences. The focus will be the child; their needs, interests and learning styles.

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Sunday Mornings


  • Infant Nursery | Room 140


Kids Music (K-6th Grade) |  Room 112


  • Infant Nursery | Room 129
  • Toddler Nursery | Room 140
  • Age 3 | Room 131
  • Pre-K | Room 105
  • Kindergarten | Room 107
  • Grade 1 | Room 120
  • Grade 2 | Room 118
  • Grade 3 | Room 109
  • Grade 4 | Room 116
  • 5th & 6th Grade (Discover Ministry) | Room 127


  • Infant & Toddler Nursery | Room 140
  • Age 3 | Room 131
  • Pre- K & Kindergarten | Room 109
  • Grades 1 – 4  (Kids Worship) | Room 112

Nurseries and Childcare

Nursery Hours
Sunday mornings, 8:00am-12:00pm, and Wednesday evenings, 6:00–8:00pm. For safety measures, all parents are asked to check in at the Kids Connection Desk before entering the Kids area. Childcare for children, infant through grade 4, is available for special church services and activities. Please refer to the church bulletin or call the church office for additional information.

Please inform nursery staff of any important information regarding your child and provide any necessary items for your child.

Nurseries are located at the North end of the Cather Building.

Infant Nursery | Room 129 | Newborns to one year or walking defensively.
18 Months – 2′s | Gym Hall 140 | Supervised play time with a simple Bible lesson.

Wednesday Night Club

Come join us for fellowship, food, and fun at Kids’ Club Wednesday nights from 6:00 to 8:00PM at Schweitzer. Kids’ Club will meet each Wednesday, (except for Halloween, Oct. 31), until November 14.  Kids from birth to sixth grade are invited to join us for dinner, games, a lesson, and worship. We’re excited to begin our new Creative Worship time, where the kids will be able to worship through singing, dancing, drama, and art. If you are a parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent, or older sibling, who would like to be a Christian role model and join in the fun, you are welcome to join in! Contact Nina Verbanaz @ if you’d like to join as a teacher or helper!

Infant - 3's: Toddler Nursery
4's - Kindergarten: Room 109 (3rd grade classroom)
1st - 2nd grade: Room 116 (4th grade classroom)
3rd - 4th grade: Room 127 (5th & 6th grade classroom)

5th & 6th grade: Kids Worship Space 

We eat dinner together between 6:00 and 6:30pm.  



Aug. 29:  Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Shells & Cheese, Fruit, Ice Cream Bars

 Sept. 5: Fried Chicken, Fruit, Mashed Potato Gravy, Biscuit, Cookie

Sept. 12: Baked Mostaccioli, Pasta broccoli, Fruit, Roll, Ice Cream Bars

Sept. 19:  Baked Potato Bar, Fruit, Rolls, Texas Cake

Sept. 26:  Taco Night (Beef Only) Spanish Rice & Refried Beans, Chips, Salsa, fixings Sour Cream, Ice Cream

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