Levi Zen Joins Schweitzer Staff

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Getting to know Levi Zen

Levi Zen is our new Director of Student Ministries.

Born and raised in Lubbock, Texas, Levi has been in some form of ministry all his life. His mom was active in children’s ministry and his stepfather engaged in homeless ministry.

Looking back, Levi said he first truly experienced God’s presence at the age of nine when his parents divorced. “During that time, God really stepped in for me and played that father-figure role. I consider myself blessed to have the perfect father as my primary father figure.”

In college, Levi felt a strong pull toward youth ministry and graduated with his Youth and Family Ministry degree from Lubbock Christian University in 2020. He is married to Taylor and their family consist of two dogs, a cat and a 20-year-old turtle named, Fishy.

When asked what his hopes are for this next season of ministry at Schweitzer, Levi shared, “I’m very thankful and excited to be here. If there’s anything, I’d love to see, it would be to have adults involved in this ministry. You’re all invited to work with us to help students really feel comfortable and at home in this church, and not just as a part of a student ministry but as a part of the church as a whole.’’

Have a question for Levi? Email him at lzen@sumc.co or call the church office at 417-881-6800.