Pastor’s Note – April 18, 2019

Schweitzer UMCPastor's Note

Hi friends, how is your day?  Some days, we know, are special in life and we thank God. God is good.

I confess there are days where I can begin to go from skeptical to cynical—not good. I’ve learned through the teaching, the shepherding of others, to simply pray, “Lord have mercy, Lord help me.”

Yesterday morning, I was wondering about my day…and the state of the world. Prayer and devotional time with God began moving me to hope. Then, at Panera, a friend, matriarch and saint named Shirley spoke words of hope I needed to hear. One of the coffee group curmudgeons, Dennis, reminded me, “prayer is the engine that actualizes the Kingdom on earth.”

On the way back to church, across the parking lot, God spoke and I wandered into our Preschool Chapel time. Wow! God is alive my friends. “Miss Molly”, a teacher, was telling the story. We all leaned in. She told of sad news and GOOD NEWS. I left that place different. Thank God for kids and  teachers who love them.

On this day in this Holy Week, we know Jesus was preparing to save the world, save us. It’s a lot to ponder. God was alive and IS alive.

Wait, now, there is more. Pastor Jason and I wandered into the Youth ministry last night. Wow, with leaders like Tim and KJ, God lives. A student named “Matty” Kellerstrass gave his testimony, Matt’s “God story.” We laughed, we leaned in, tears welled up in my eyes.  Wow, God is moving, hope lives!

The worship was real and dynamic; the teens spiritually hungry. A student named Caroline led worship with KJ for the first time. We all sang along and followed her confident lead. God is doing new works and moving.

There are days I wonder, maybe you too? If you’re becoming cynical and wonder where God is, take to wandering. Visit the GTK preschool, go to chapel with the kids, worship with the youth on Wednesday night, hear God stories.

Hope to see you tonight for Maundy Thursday worship at 7:00 in the sanctuary. Hope to see you for Good Friday worship—we will leave wondering. Good News is coming, though, hope awaits. Hope awaits, the Kingdom is here.

Thanks for the privilege of serving with you, as a pastor in God’s church, Schweitzer…beloved community!

Your friend in Christ,