Pastor’s Note – April 25, 2019

Schweitzer UMCPastor's Note

Good day Friends of God,

Are you living in the glow and power of Easter and Jesus’ resurrection?

As a church staff, we took to some time this week to reflect on the Easter experience and take note of how God was moving among Schweitzer as we gathered to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection.

We noticed several extraordinary moments:

  • Joy. Easter is always a joyous occasion, but this year one of the moments that we noticed was that joy was something we, as a full congregation, brought with us. As we got out of our cars, and made our way towards the sanctuary or outreach center, we were a people bringing joy and ready to greet joy. This joy and anticipation of worship made worship an incredible moment.
  • Presence. Pastor Bob touched on the reality that one of the ways we see resurrection is by noticing how those who go through hard times trust and hope in Christ with hope and joy. We noticed that among us were friends and family who were living the juxtaposition between joy and struggle. If you find yourself in a place of struggle know that the prayers and encouragement of the body is here for you. You need not walk alone. We continue to pray that in being present, the joy of Christ is becoming your strength.
  • Serving. The number of people it takes to create possible moments for engaging with God is always greater around Easter. There were so many people who said “Yes” to serving the body and serving as leaders in worship! From the Kids Ministry, the teens, to many voices and talents making contributions in Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Services, to the First Impressions and Hospitality team – so many people served. We are thankful for all who served. There is great joy in serving together.
  • Surprises. There were many surprises hidden throughout the services, one that was noticed in the sanctuary was the turning on of the water fall as the services concluded. The first Easter was a tremendous surprise, and it is good to have surprises along the way.
  • The Story. In many different places the story of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection was told creatively in old and new ways, to people who’ve heard it a lot, to people who were hearing it for the first time. Several people said, “I’m seeing something new.” “This is a new experience of God for me.” This is what we hope for, pray for, that the God who raised Jesus up from the grave, is active in us too!

These are some of the things we noticed, gave thanks for, and asked God to do more of in our midst. What did you notice? How is the joy of Jesus’ resurrection playing out in your life? We’d love to know your story. Feel free to email me.

This weekend, we are looking forward to many young people taking new steps of faith and commitment through Confirmation.

It is so good to join with you in worship and following Jesus!

Pastor Jason