Pastor’s Note – August 16, 2018

Schweitzer UMCPastor's Note

Dear friend,

I was honored to officiate at Taylor Likes and Shelby Bacon’s wedding last Saturday. Taylor serves with excellence as our Creative Producer. Both Shelby and Taylor are actively following Jesus Christ. It is a particular joy for me to see people of younger generations, like them, intentional about growing in their faith.

It is my practice to ask the Lord what He may desire to speak into a couple’s lives prior to leading ceremonies.  As I did last week in preparation for Taylor and Shelby, there were thoughts that immediately came to mind, forming five points in the God Talk I shared. I am including them here for all couples who desire to have a godly marriage:

  1. Don’t look to each other for completion or perfection but do participate in God’s good sanctifying work in each other’s lives.
  2. Live in mutual submission to each other. Live under the Lord’s protection in your marriage. Practice forgiveness everyday.
  3. When you’re disturbed/upset at each other, don’t sin. Don’t stuff it but don’t speak immediately. Consult the Lord first, then consult each other.
  4. There’s a deep joy God places in our hearts. Let that joy radiate on your faces and allow no one, no circumstances, to rob you of it.
  5. The strength, healthy and holiness of your marriage will have a huge impact on your children, friends and world.  Few things, if any, will have a greater impact on this world than the loving and happy sanctuary we call “home.”

In a world where marriage is taking a major hit, I am still a fan. How about you? I believe God is more than a fan. God is the source of strength and love that enables married relationships to flourish. Here’s to marriage!

Pastor Bob Casady