Pastor’s Note – January 3, 2019

Schweitzer UMCPastor's Note

Happy Thursday!

I am a Kansas City Chiefs fan. I have been since they won their first and only Super Bowl with Len Dawson as quarterback in 1970. I haven’t been as excited about the Chiefs as much as I am about this year’s team. They, as the third-highest scoring offense in NFL history, are fun to watch. Patrick Holmes, Travis Kelce and company have got it going, smashing long standing offensive records. This being said, the Chiefs are not without their liabilities. They are near the bottom of the league in defense and lead the NFL in penalties and taunting! This all makes the Chiefs vulnerable and far from a shoe-in to make it to, let alone win, the Super Bowl. It reminds me that sometimes the most talented don’t end up on top.   

My apologies to you non-sports fans, but if you are still reading, consider this: As in team sports, it’s critically important to take a comprehensive inventory of our lives. Otherwise, we often miss out on celebrating victories, learning from our mistakes and being actually aware so we can improve in every aspect of life. Now that the holidays are over, I invite you to use the tool (see below) to examine your life in the presence of God. Do ask God to bring clarity and understanding as you review 2018. Check in with your emotions as you mark key events. Be sure and list eight gifts of the past year. (When I did this, I was amazed at how blessed I truly am.)Dare to look ahead in 2019,paying attention to the feelings that may riseto the surface, and enter into a meaningful real conversation with the Lord about it all!  

I wish you every success, as the Lord measures success, the ability to celebrate accomplishments and milestones without taunting, and not settle for less than how God wants to use you to benefit others for His glory!

Happy New Year and Go Chiefs!