Pastor’s Note – March 21, 2019

Schweitzer UMCPastor's Note

Schweitzer friends,

Tom Foust is a personal friend who is an 88-year-old retired pastor. He is actually the son of my childhood pastor, A. E. Foust. Tom, in his retirement years, is going from house to house in his neighborhood and asking if they have any prayer requests. My friend has a notepad with him, recording their requests at their front door. He follows up, praying specifically and boldly on their behalf.

Let’s talk prayer.  

Jesus prayed often. In the Gospel of Luke, we observe that Jesus prayed during his baptism (Luke 3:21). As crowds were constantly seeking him, Jesus often withdrew to quiet places for prayer (Luke 5:16). Before choosing the twelve Apostles, he spent the whole night praying to God (Luke 6:12). It was during the night he was betrayed and arrested, Jesus prayed that God’s will be done, not his (Luke 22:42).

I know this may not feel like a fair question immediately following Jesus’ example, but how is your life with God in prayer? Do you have a desire to grow in knowing how to pray?  Jesus taught us in his actions and words how to pray boldly and specifically for ourselves and others.

Here are a few ways we can grow intentionally in our life of prayer this week at Schweitzer:

  • Engage in prayer and fasting each Wednesday. Stop whatever you are doing on Wednesday at noon and pray. Gather with us in the sanctuary if possible. As we fast and pray, we grow in our intimacy with God and connect better with God’s heart.  
  • Come to my class, Uncommon Faith Practices, this Sunday, 6:00-7:30 PM or this Wednesday, 6:30-8:00 PM, as we practice Spirit-Guided Prayer.
  • Notice specific answers to your prayers in your own life. Keep a record of outcomes to prayer, and share them with others as a way of encouraging them.

Be in worship this Sunday as we explore Jesus’ teaching of shameless Persistence in Prayer (See Luke 11: 1-13). We’ll learn about how to move beyond praying in generalities to asking, seeking and knocking kind of praying.

As my friend, Tom, knocks on doors of his neighbors, what doors is God calling you to knock on as you grow in your life of prayer?

Bob Casady
Lead Pastor