Pastor’s Note – May 2, 2019

Schweitzer UMCPastor's Note

Happy Thursday to you!

In the coming weeks through these notes and in the upcoming Sunday messages, I’ll be addressing the transition we are experiencing personally and as a church family. In Sunday messages, we’ll look back and look forward to what is ahead for Schweitzer. I will also be writing in these notes about what’s ahead for me as I transition into retirement and the significant work of Spiritual Direction. We’ll celebrate God’s faithfulness and keep leaning on Him during the weeks ahead.  

In a recent conversation, my retirement coach said that retirement is a time to rediscover forgotten dreams. While I believe there is great wisdom in his statement, the immediate thought that came to my mind is I’ve gotten to live my dream. It’s been a blessing to exercise my gifts and passion to bring people closer to God in what I do for a living. While I know there are some forgotten dreams which await my rediscovery, I will always be grateful to God for calling me to this life.  I count it a privilege that I got to do it with you!

I have thoroughly enjoyed preaching and have been personally challenged by Luke’s Gospel these past five months. The sixteen messages I have given since December 2 have found their way into the book, Messages from the Gospel of Luke.

Your FREE copy is available for you to pick up in the Fellowship Center or Outreach Center now during the month of May. Whether you are revisiting some messages or looking at them for the first time, I encourage you to pause as you read and ask, Lord, what do you wish to say to me about this? God’s Word is fresh each time we partake of its riches. Kristin Sims Strong’s beautiful paintings grace the book. I am grateful for the Kristen’s vivid images which will assist you to engage more deeply into the Gospel stories.

I will be preaching a final message from Luke this Sunday called Transitions. As we look at Jesus’ transfiguration (Luke 9: 28-36), the story serves as an epilogue to Luke and will speak to the transitions which are occurring in our lives and at Schweitzer. While transitions are challenging, difficult and painful, they are also wonderful opportunities for growth. This season of transition can lead us to the discovery or rediscovery of what matters most as we move on to new ventures. Yes, transitions are opportunities for us to really trust God!

I look forward to sharing the Gospel with you this Sunday!

Your brother in Faith,

Pastor Bob