Pastor’s Note – September 13, 2018

Schweitzer UMCPastor's Note

Dear friend,

Every Springfield Cardinals’ home game features Where’s Waldo as a child is asked to find Waldo. Fans assist the girl or boy by pointing to where Waldo is located in the stands as he appears on the big screen. The announcer also offers helpful hints. When Waldo is discovered, he runs away, sometimes onto the field, turning somersaults and handsprings. It’s all quite entertaining.

It’s got me to thinking about Where’s the Spirit? Where is the Presence of God active and alive in my world today? The Holy Spirit is a bit more difficult to identify. The Spirit’s manifest presence varies and is unpredictable. While much more talented than Waldo, God’s Spirit isn’t always doing tricks to amuse us. Yet, the Spirit is present, guiding, correcting, comforting, and empowering those who are on the lookout.

Even when I have difficulty discovering God’s Presence in my life, I know the Spirit never runs away.  Like the game Where’s Waldo, I need the help of others to assist me in making the connection with God. We need each other pointing out where to look. Without the help of community, we often fail to see. Consider where the Spirit is active and alive in your life today. It isn’t a game we play but an adventure worth pursuing!

On a personal note, I am attending The New Room Conference, September 19-21, in Franklin, Tennessee. What I love about this conference is that 1500 people or so gather annually in one place to meet with God. As you can imagine, I’ve attended a lot of seminars over the years, punctuated with well known celebrities offering new tips for life, ministry and/or leadership. The New Room Conference is different. There are no famous people speaking or new fads being suggested to try out. It’s ordinary people seeking the Presence of the Spirit. Pray for Jake, Krista, David and me as we participate in this gathering. Pray that we will meet with God!

Pastor Bob Casady