Schweitzer News – December 26, 2018

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God has a way of comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable. Be forewarned: God’s Good News has a way of disturbing us. God is often a disrupter of our plans and our values for our own good. Through Luke’s stories, the Invisible are seen and the Voiceless are given a voice. Luke wants us to know that God is doing a new thing—that He has a different approach! Luke wasn’t one of the original Apostles or disciples; Luke wasn’t even Jewish! He brings a unique perspective. As an outsider, Luke doesn’t take anything for granted. He helps us “insiders” see with fresh eyes. As a medical doctor and historian, he displays a great mind coupled with a whole lot of compassion. It’s so easy to become numb and take things for granted, but the journey through Luke’s Gospel can help wake us up to those things. The poor, the outsider, the oppressed and the forgotten are seen, heard and even championed.

We talk a lot here about the importance of being in Christian community. But for some, it’s hard to imagine why we care so much about it. The idea of sacrificing time, meeting in a stranger’s home, and “getting spiritual” just doesn’t sound fun. So we created The Living Room, to give you a chance to try it out for four weeks, without any long-term commitments. Join us on Wednesday, January 16, from 6:30-8:00 p.m. in the Fellowship Center (outside the sanctuary). Childcare will be provided.

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Revolutionize your reading of the Bible with “The Bible Made Simple,” an interactive class experience with fresh insights for Bible newbies, as well as seasoned saints. Engage Scripture with new understanding and enthusiasm—Jan. 16–Apr. 3 at 6:30 p.m. in the Outreach Center. Cost of workbook is $10. For more information, contact Jeff Fugitt,

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Jesus welcomes and celebrates children and babies, blessing them (Matthew 19:13-15). On Sunday, January 6, in 9:40 AM worship, we invite parents and their babies to be welcomed and blessed. No need to sign up; just bring your baby to be blessed in and by the community of faith.

We need help putting together notebooks. The Bible Made Simple is an exciting new class we will launch in January. Each participant will have a notebook to use. These notebooks require assembly. If you are willing to serve by preparing notebooks, please contact Jeff Fugitt. or 417-881-6800.

Thank you for your generosity throughout the year. If you would like for your December giving to be reflected on your 2018 giving statement, please keep the following dates in mind.

  • Gifts may be placed in the offering on or before December 30.
  • The church office will be open until 5:00 on Monday, December 31.
  • You may give online through December 31.
  • If you wish to mail your contributions, the envelope must be post marked by December 31

Youth Shining Light Serve Night

During the first couple of weeks of December, our students in our youth group have learned about serving, brainstormed ways to serve, did all the necessary preparations to serve, and on Wednesday, December 12, used their hands and feet to bring their ideas and passions to the community within Schweitzer and outside of the church walls.

The students have been working together in small groups over this past semester, and here is what they did that night. One group stayed at Schweitzer and started the process of serving the NA & AA groups that meet on campus, another group went to Missouri State’s library/student union/dorms to bring some smiles to students studying for finals, a group went to the hospitals to bring Christmas joy to nurses, another went to fire stations to bring some encouragement to the firefighters in our community, and one other group went downtown to the square to hand out blankets, hot chocolate, and encouraging Christmas cards.