Schweitzer News – February 12, 2019

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Through Luke’s stories, the invisible are seen and the voiceless are given a voice. Luke wants us to know that God is doing a new thing—that He has a different approach!

Is Schweitzer where you want to live out your discipleship?

When you’ve found Schweitzer is the place where you can live out your discipleship, come participate in our Exploring Membership Class. This one-session class will let you explore more deeply our core beliefs, values, and membership covenant. Take the next step and join us in Memorial Hall this Sunday, February 17, 12:00–1:30 PM. Food and childcare are provided.

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Give a Book, Plant a Dream, Grow a Life

The Library at the Greene County Jail is in need of good books. Hardback and softback books in good-to-medium condition are welcome. Classical fiction is highly desired. Theology and devotional reading abounds in the library and is less desirable. You can drop off books in the Landing area, across from the Kids Connection Desk, and in the Outreach Center beginning this Sunday, February 17, through Sunday, February 24. Thanks for giving a book, planting a dream, and growing a life.

A Workshop for Parents

We all struggle at times with challenging behaviors from our children. Please join us as we are taught some tips on how to use Love and Logic in our homes. Love and Logic focuses on parenting through love to allow children to grow through their mistakes; and through logic to teach children to live with the consequences of their choices. This class will be taught by two women who use Love and Logic both personally with their own children and professionally as elementary school counselors. We will provide childcare with dinner for kids up to age 10 (sandwich, chips, applesauce). We’ll have snacks for the adults. RSVP to Nina Verbanaz at with the names and ages of children needing childcare.

February 19 & 26
in Memorial Hall

Did you know, in 2018:

  • The Food Pantry delivered 325,200 pounds of food to other ministries.
  • The Recovery Community considers a 25% success rate (people staying healthy after the program) as high.
  • The Life Change Plan success rate is 69.23% Four women successfully moved from Coach House into their own stable housing – a 75% success rate.
  • This is just a sample of the dynamic impact SUMC has on the community.

Thank you to all the workers and mentors who make the Food Pantry, Coach House, Life Change Plan, Alpha, East Stanford Neighborhood Garden, Faith and Finance, Jobs for Life, Pittman All Pro Dads, Pittman Backpacks, Pittman Cents of Pride, Pittman Float Trips, Pittman Good News Club, and Pittman Tutoring thrive.