Schweitzer News – September 24, 2019

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The Urban Summit is a one-day event in the Schweitzer Outreach Center on Thursday, October 3, 9am-4pm, where we will focus on a good and beautiful community. Our hope is to reignite your dreams and give you practical and strategic tools to make it happen by sharing stories and exposing you to multiple perspectives. Cost is $35, which includes lunch and snacks. Register by September 30 at

Group Night is a place for all people to experience the wonderful power in Christian community. On Wednesdays, 6:30-8:00 p.m., we gather in the Outreach Center for teaching, discussion, and prayer — all centered around Scripture. Week after week, your same small group will interact during the breakout time, so that you will start to feel a sense of community. Childcare is provided.

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“Go” Series
Youth Ministry

All youth are invited to join us on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 p.m. in the youth area, as we study and discuss what the Gospel says about the Great Commission and how we, as Christ-followers, should be living our daily lives if we are going to live out the Great Commission. Come join us!

Youth Ministry

Have you been a Christian for awhile? Do you want to go deeper with Jesus but are uncertain how?

We can help connect you to a Spiritual Guide. Check out this video, and contact David Freeman for more information,

Spotlight on Ministries

Pittman All Pro Dads

Pittman All Pro Dads got 131 dads and kids together last Thursday. They ate breakfast, talked about good relationship and character building activities for dads and kids to do together, then had a powdered donut object lesson on delayed gratification (self-control). Thank you to the men of our church for doing this family-building ministry at Pittman! Thank You, Jesus, for the eternal results!

Jobs for Life

Jobs for Life has finished their 6th class in their current session this week, and each student has begun developing his/her 6-month to 10-year vocational plan. This is such an exciting thing! Mentors are helping students, as they plan for their future, with dates and times on how they are going to succeed. They are also looking at character and why that’s important to employers. This class is very focused and involved. Can’t wait to see what God is doing here!