The Gospel of Luke (Sermon Series)

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God has a way of comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable. Be forewarned: God’s Good News has a way of disturbing us. God is often a disrupter of our plans and our values for our own good. Through Luke’s stories, the Invisible are seen and the Voiceless are given a voice. Luke wants us to know that God is doing a new thing—that He has a different approach! Luke wasn’t one of the original Apostles or disciples; Luke wasn’t even Jewish! He brings a unique perspective. As an outsider, Luke doesn’t take anything for granted. He helps us “insiders” see with fresh eyes. As a medical doctor and historian, he displays a great mind coupled with a whole lot of compassion. It’s so easy to become numb and take things for granted, but the journey through Luke’s Gospel can help wake us up to those things. The poor, the outsider, the oppressed and the forgotten are seen, heard and even championed.