Engaging Worship

We long for God to become more real with each worship experience. Our prayer is that every worshiper experiences God and becomes a friend of God.

Traditional Worship

When we say "traditional," we really mean rooted in tradition. This service has many elements that have been in the Church's history for hundreds—if not thousands—of years. Familiar hymns, accompanied by the sounds of organ, piano and a choir fill the room. We believe in the transcendent power of the Holy Spirit through artful works, and celebrate that reality in this service.

Modern Worship

Each week, we work to make this service a time of re-centering ourselves on God and His plan for our lives. We believe that worship is both personal and something we do in community, and so we gather together, we listen for God's Word, we respond to His call, and we're sent back into our daily lives to be His light.

In these services, you'll experience different styles of songs, but the same heart of worship. You may hear a different preacher, but the same Word being spoken to all of our services. We may change things around, but it's ultimately to respond to what God is doing in us and through us.

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Taylor Likes headshot

taylor likes

creative producer

”I believe everyone was made by God with an innate sense of creativity. It's my passion to use media and technology to express that in my life and work, and to help others do the same—all the while having as much fun as possible!"

Email Taylor at [email protected]
KJ Roelke headshot

k.j. roelke

worship & Creative director

"I get really energized by helping people experience God in new ways. I love telling the stories of God, and helping people tell their stories of Him."

Email KJ at [email protected]
Cheryll Moll headshot

Cheryll moll

director of traditional Worship

”I love the power of music to bring people into a closer relationship with God and with each other—it communicates ideas and feelings in a way that transcends words."

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